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Overblik: Første indtryk af ny Apple TV fra medierne

10 Sep 2015 | Rasmus Larsen |

Efter præsentationen i går aftes havde udvalgte amerikanske medier nogle få minutter i selskab med den nye Apple TV med App Store. Vi har samlet deres første indtryk herunder, inklusiv et par videoer.

Første indtryk af Apple TV

Herunder kan du læse et udsnit af ”hands-on”-artikler fra flere amerikanske medier. Vi har også tilføjet videoer. Der tilføjes flere citater i takt med at vi finder dem.

- “Overall, it's a welcome — and meaningful — upgrade to the Apple TV, but there's nothing in this first look that makes it seem like it's going to usher in a massive TV revolution. It's now competitive with the latest from Roku, Amazon, and others, and the potential of real processing and graphics power coupled with the App Store is enormous, but it's hard to say more until that stuff goes live,” skriver Nilay Patel, The Verge

- Video af The Verge

- “It’s all about Siri. Apple clearly has turned Siri into the centerpiece of the new Apple TV … Using voice to control Apple TV worked fairly well during my brief hands-on test, which says something: My German accent tends to throw off voice recognition systems, but Siri had no problems searching for foreign comedies when asked to do so,” skriver Janko Roettgers, Variety

- ”Prior to the event, Apple made no promises about using Apple TV to challenge game consoles. The product offers games of an adequately functional nature without really offering anything exciting or innovative,” skriver Colin Campbell, Polygon

- Video af Scott Stein, CNET

- “What you do engage with is the new remote control. It feels more like a mashup of a 1st-gen iPod nano and a MacBook trackpad, with the touch surface for navigation being very sensitive: at first, I skittered through the revamped interface, the icons tilting and bobbing as I went,” skriver Chris Davies, Slashgear

- "The Siri interface worked well, and quickly, with only a few minor glitches in the demo, and these issues were almost exclusively down to asking the "wrong kind" of question of Apple TV or using poor language and fumbling a request. Even when held at arm's length, the controller clearly understood what Wired was saying, so there was no need to hold the stick close to your mouth and talk into it like a dictaphone," skriver Jeremy White, Wired

- Video af Wired

- “Apple TV is hot. I only got a brief period to play with it, but it seems fast, responsive, beautiful, and intuitive. It feels alive. … I think Apple TV might be the most disruptive product from Apple since the iPhone. Not the most lucrative, necessarily, but the most disruptive — in the sense of defining how all TVs will work in a few years,” skriver John Gruber, Daring Fireball

- "Though I came away generally impressed by what the new Apple TV does well, it's not an obvious slam dunk for Apple or consumers just yet. Apple is pushing apps as the future of TV, but while it builds on the Apple TV product line, this new box is essentially an entirely new platform starting from an install base of zero. Support from heavyweights like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO is going to help, but Apple will need to sell a bunch of these to attract sustained interest from developers," skriver Andrew Cunningham fra Ars Technica

Læs mere om den nye Apple TV i vores store artikel her, hvor vi samler alt information.

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