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- turning VRR on or off Odyssey G7 model LC27G73TQSRXEN. SW M-TG700CCAA-1010.3

What i observed that the dynamic refresh rate of the monitor never go below 80 Hz even if my FPS is set to vary between 50 and 70 in Pendulum Test (as a result there is stutter everywhere)

With my previous LG monitor when i set in Pendulum the FPS to vary between 50 and 70 i could see in Monitor Settings that the Hz was varying between this numbers

In RDR2 i set Refresh rate to 144 Hz and when game frame goest between 50 and lets say 70 the Hz are doubled in the monitor info . When it get closer to 70 FPS and higher it starts tearing ...Why would i get screen tearing on 80 FPS and 144 Hz refresh rate

If i set refresh rate to 240Hz and FPS go to 70 and above then refresh rate also jumps to 140+ to 160 Hz

For me it looks the VRR cannot go lower than 80 Hz for this monitor(which should be from my understanding 60 Minimum) for this 27 Inch model

I tried:

-different display cables

- durning VRR on or off

-changing refresh rate

-driver reinstall on windows 10

As a bonus Sekiro and other few games (who have a 60 FPS cap and were working previously on my LG monitor) dont display GSYNC text in game and there is tearing everywhere unless i turn VSYNC on

Anyone knows if i should RMA it ? I am so disappointed on this 600 euro monitor and Samsung as a company ...

Bonus: On UFO test there is more smearing of colors at 240 Hz than on 144 Hz ...